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Alicia Collins (PC) :icontimeward:Timeward 3 0 Athena Collins - COMM :icontimeward:Timeward 3 1 Glock of Arms - Fade :icontimeward:Timeward 0 8 Chase's Lightsaber MK2 :icontimeward:Timeward 0 0 Lightsaber Craft :icontimeward:Timeward 1 0 Chase and Chase (and Chase) :icontimeward:Timeward 1 0
Athena Dalek Bio
Athena Dalek
Age: 19
Species: Genetically Engineered Mobian
Status: Taken
Appearence: She has brown fur and red hair, 4 glowing gradient eyes, hedgehog spikes on her back, a cat tail, and always wear a suit with armor.
Backstory: Athena Dalek is an artificially bred Mobian created by the daleks to be the most genetically advanced possible, bred by combining the desirable traits of many mobians such as appearence and powers. After being trained and educated by the most capable tutors in the galaxy, she became the daleks' empress and lead warrior, causing reforms within the dalek ranks, and becoming the face of the Dalek Empire.
Powers: Energy vision (Her four eyes allow her to feel and sense all kinds of energy around her, like sound, vibration, the movement of things through the air, light, heat, etc, giving her a 360º constant vision of everything going on around her), Enhanced reaction (she can react to attacks faster than most mobians, and combined with her 360º vision, it
:icontimeward:Timeward 0 0
Clone Death Trooper popcorn... Whatever. :icontimeward:Timeward 1 0 Gangstatrooper :icontimeward:Timeward 1 0 Forever Knight :icontimeward:Timeward 3 2
Chase Collins Bio
Chase/Cassy Collins
Age: 1600 years
Species: Timeward (Timelord and Wayward hybrid)
Status: Married
Backstory: Chase Collins is a Timeward born in Gallifrey, the son of famous combat medic Kate Collins and filantropist/hero Peetha Collins. From a young age, Chase showed interest in space and military engineering, though being a hybrid made his life harsh, as he suffered a lot of prejudice because of it. After being thrown out of several schools, he finnally managed to get to a school where he found friends who would help keeping him in line. He studied and got his degree in his 300th birthday, as a spaceship and weapons engineer. Though a law was put in his world that forbid the residency of hybrids, forcing him to steal an experimental TARDIS Type 97 Hybrid (TARDIS-H Type 97), from which point he started exploring the universe and living adventures, as he got all the equipment and experience that give him the powers he owns currently.
Powers: Gender Switch (he can switch into a female
:icontimeward:Timeward 1 4
Night Cuddling (Comm) :icontimeward:Timeward 2 2
Mature content
Trap :icontimeward:Timeward 2 0
Reunited :icontimeward:Timeward 2 0 Moonshine Date :icontimeward:Timeward 3 3 Chase and Cassy :icontimeward:Timeward 2 2


PC- Alicia :iconcasskuzakie:Casskuzakie 6 6 Vampire Lord :iconami-dark:Ami-Dark 108 14 Lightsaber Request :iconkombatantchampion:KombatantChampion 1 5 Let's save time! :iconcasskuzakie:Casskuzakie 10 7 Athena-com :iconsheenathehedgehog:sheenathehedgehog 2 2 Black blood - 3.01 :iconsheenathehedgehog:sheenathehedgehog 4 2 Zoey and Tails cosplaying :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 701 122 Modi :iconami-dark:Ami-Dark 141 26 23rd :iconbluestylz:BlueStylz 31 27 Ami and Ash :iconami-dark:Ami-Dark 163 54 Guardian of the Whills :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 1,932 74 Berlin trip :iconzengel:Zengel 836 70 KILL :iconami-dark:Ami-Dark 165 48 Scorpion Gal in Acrylics :icondoubledande:DoubleDandE 37 33 :Comm: Dark Sonic and Amy :iconmyly14:Myly14 1,608 167 Stephanie Commission :iconmyly14:Myly14 264 15


This one is a really good example of a creative, original and fun comic. The Archie style is very very good, the story is intriguing an...

Damn, is this comic good. The lack of dialogue makes it even more incredible, since we can understand, from their personalities, what e...

by peterku

This gun's concept, though confusing at first, is absolutely beautiful, charming and apealing. The concept of energy rounds fired in a ...

I normally dont write critiques, because i feel that i, with my quallity of drawing, I dont have The right to. But to this comic, I wil...



Timeward has started a donation pool!
33 / 497
For a commission, or maybe 2. any quantity would help, give if you want :) . Though I'll be really surprised if I actually make the goal :D

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    Donated Oct 10, 2016, 3:34:47 AM
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    Donated Mar 22, 2015, 8:14:44 AM
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Athena Collins - COMM
Done for me by :iconsheenathehedgehog:
She's a hybrid experiment to create the perfect warrior, a product of having DNA from multiple people, but mostly Chase and Joy's, combined into her own. She's an adopted daughter to them. She actually has four eyes, but she hides them behind her hair most of the time. Her helmet was mostly inspired by starkiller but the widened visor also reminds of Gipsy Danger. Also, yes, that cilinder on her hip is a lightsaber;
Glock of Arms - Fade
So... Have any of you heard of the glock? XD 
Anyway, I'm thinking of turning this into a phone case. What do you say?
Symbol (c) :iconsheenathehedgehog:, aka best person ever, aka sloth XD
Fade pattern underneath (c) Me
Can anyone make me a 3D lightsaber model commission for up to 100 points? preferably blades included, but hilt only would be find
So there's this ship, the CMS Terra Nova, from dead space 3…
I wanted to make some schematics for it, or maybe a file so I can 3d print it somewhere as a miniature, but I can't find the 3D model used in the game or any conceptual artwork for it. I dont have it for PC so if someone could maybe dig the model out for me that would be great. (Also tell me what software I can view the model in)
  • Reading: 1984
  • Watching: AVGN
  • Playing: Battlefield 4
  • Eating: Oreos
  • Drinking: Water
1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!

I've been tagged by :iconedyhrm:

1: What is your real name and nickname?
Kether Collins, Chase.

2: Interesting... what is your current age?
I'm 1584.

3: Uh-huh. What's your favorite food?
Gallifreyan blue cheese and garlic pizza.

4: And your favorite drink?
It's a split between green tea, russian vodka and brazilian Corote.

5: Confession time! Who is your lover?
My wife Joy... 
Moonshine Date by Timeward

6: Have you kissed anyone yet?

7: What about your childhood sweetheart?
Well... A bit... different. I suffered a lot of prejudice. I was ridicularized a lot. Luckily I found my loyal friends.

8: Who's your favorite author?
I don't know... Julio Verne?

9: What is your biggest fear?
Failing to protect my loved ones.

10: Any siblings?
Yes, my sister Alicia. Pirate and mercenary. And batshit crazy.

11: Almost done, it’s only twenty questions. Who’s your hero?
My parents. I always heard about their deeds and the people they saved, and all I wanted was to be like them one day.

12: Ok, who's your worst enemy?
After so long... I have so many I don't know.

13: Alright... who's your best friends?
Reunited by Timeward
These three fuckers.

14: Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
... Well... I... I guess I'd give him something. For bringing me to life.

15: Alright, what do you want to be when you grow up?
I always wanted to be a hero like my parents.

16: What's your worst nightmare?
Our fears are our nightmares.

17: What's your life long dream?
It was always to save lives.

18: What would you do if your dream came true?
I live with the consequences  that to save lives... sometimes you need to take one.

19: Ok, where's your favorite place to relax?
Any calm place in the universe if my love is with me...

20: Last question! What do you do most of the time?
Well... fight some aliens... time travel... tinker with my stuff... build other stuff... spend some time with my wife...

21: We're done! Now tag anyone you want. DO IT!
:iconsheenathehedgehog: :iconaleanadx-2:


Timeward's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Current residence: New Mobotropolis
Music style: Rock and classical
Skin of choice: Kevlar
Hobby: Shooting practice and thefting
Personal Quotes: "Peace has no value without freedom" and
"Good luck killing me"



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