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The Mobian UN Logo by Timeward The Mobian UN Logo :icontimeward:Timeward 0 0 The Savior - Concept by Timeward The Savior - Concept :icontimeward:Timeward 0 0 Alicia Collins and T3-P45 by Timeward Alicia Collins and T3-P45 :icontimeward:Timeward 1 0 The Upholder by Timeward The Upholder :icontimeward:Timeward 1 0 The StealthSaber by Timeward The StealthSaber :icontimeward:Timeward 3 0 The Dark Sun of Sindeleria by Timeward The Dark Sun of Sindeleria :icontimeward:Timeward 0 0 Alicia's Tattoo by Timeward Alicia's Tattoo :icontimeward:Timeward 0 0 Joy Collins (Colored) by Timeward Joy Collins (Colored) :icontimeward:Timeward 2 0 An Army Engineer's as Good as his Armor (Comm) by Timeward An Army Engineer's as Good as his Armor (Comm) :icontimeward:Timeward 5 0 PX-75 Blaster Pistols by Timeward PX-75 Blaster Pistols :icontimeward:Timeward 0 0
The Timeward (Chapter 1)
"Dad? W-where are we? It's so cold..." the small yellow cat asked as he rubbed his own shoulders, 13 years old at most, looking at the snow-filled ice cave around him.
"Calm down Chase... Breath... Just breath... I know it's cold... But trust me... It'll be worth it." The taller, orange-yellow cat assured him as he guided him deeper inside the cave "This is an important step... But unfortunelly... One I can't help you with." He said to his son as he stopped.
"W-what do I do?" The child asked as he looked inside, trembling, scared "I'm afraid"
"It's ok to be afraid. Courage is being afraid... But persevering regardless. Now go my son. Search, and within this cave, you will find the crystal that will bond to you. And when you do, it'll all make much more sense. Trust in the Force" he said confidently as his son swallowed dry and walked in...
Waking up from his soothing dream in a bed much more comfortable than he's used to, Chase rubbed his head, noticing the bandages around
:icontimeward:Timeward 0 0
Alicia Collins (PC) by Timeward Alicia Collins (PC) :icontimeward:Timeward 3 0 Athena Collins - COMM by Timeward Athena Collins - COMM :icontimeward:Timeward 3 1 Glock of Arms - Fade by Timeward Glock of Arms - Fade :icontimeward:Timeward 0 8 Chase's Lightsaber MK2 by Timeward Chase's Lightsaber MK2 :icontimeward:Timeward 0 0 Lightsaber Craft by Timeward Lightsaber Craft :icontimeward:Timeward 1 0


23rd - Luzia by BlueStylz 23rd - Luzia :iconbluestylz:BlueStylz 21 22 The Simpsonzu by spacecoyote The Simpsonzu :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 109,379 0 Tight by Pedrovin
Mature content
Tight :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 80 11
Pinup Alicia by sheenathehedgehog Pinup Alicia :iconsheenathehedgehog:sheenathehedgehog 3 7 Rey by MichaelLeeLunsford Rey :iconmichaelleelunsford:MichaelLeeLunsford 689 24 Wonder Woman by MichaelLeeLunsford Wonder Woman :iconmichaelleelunsford:MichaelLeeLunsford 451 20 Prince Sidon by MichaelLeeLunsford Prince Sidon :iconmichaelleelunsford:MichaelLeeLunsford 454 28 BlackBlood 3.04 by sheenathehedgehog BlackBlood 3.04 :iconsheenathehedgehog:sheenathehedgehog 5 2 FemCroc Alternate Look by ChaosCroc FemCroc Alternate Look :iconchaoscroc:ChaosCroc 211 23 23rd - Carla by BlueStylz 23rd - Carla :iconbluestylz:BlueStylz 29 13 ::PC:: amyrose116 by Gabriel-black-cat ::PC:: amyrose116 :icongabriel-black-cat:Gabriel-black-cat 62 6 Lilac ESA Run by Pedrovin Lilac ESA Run :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 99 2 Neera by Pedrovin Neera :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 132 7 Brev'd Carol by Pedrovin Brev'd Carol :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 136 9 Brev'd Milla by Pedrovin Brev'd Milla :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 149 1 Brev'd Lilac by Pedrovin Brev'd Lilac :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 174 11


This one is a really good example of a creative, original and fun comic. The Archie style is very very good, the story is intriguing an...

Damn, is this comic good. The lack of dialogue makes it even more incredible, since we can understand, from their personalities, what e...

by peterku

This gun's concept, though confusing at first, is absolutely beautiful, charming and apealing. The concept of energy rounds fired in a ...

I normally dont write critiques, because i feel that i, with my quallity of drawing, I dont have The right to. But to this comic, I wil...


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For a commission, or maybe 2. any quantity would help, give if you want :) . Though I'll be really surprised if I actually make the goal :D

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The Mobian UN Logo
In my story, Mobius is like a more ideal, more advanced, Mobian populated version of Earth, where the mobians maintained many of the facilities left behind by the humans, such as countries and organizations, but clean to start society their own way. This is their United Nations logo. The seven green circles represent the continents (North and South America, Europe and Asia, Oceania, Africa and Antarctica) And the blue the ocean, under the atmosphere. The circle around represents the unity and diplomacy.
(C) Me
The Savior - Concept
The coloring REALLY FUCKING SUCKS here and I really should've added some wear on it, but whatever, here the fuck it is. A ship concept. Hooray.
I clearly based it on the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, but gave it a full on humanitarian purpose and more capabilities. It's a small ship compared to the other ships, but anyway, let me try and make this technical. Side mounted turning thrusters with auxiliary back thrusters and front top-mounted bridge.
Name: Savior
Model: Rescue/Evacuation/Auxiliary ship.
Size: 300 meters in length, 90 meters in width.
Four (4x) 17-meter wide, side-mounted turning thrusters for stability and steering, three back thrusters for extra stability and constant forward thrust.
Two (2x) dorsal hangars, capable of letting out a complement of up to twenty (20x) rescue ships, capable of evacuating 100000 people in a period of five hours.
Point-Defense blaster cannons for defense against light targets.
Front-mounted bridge to facilitate docking.
Reinforced Hull and structure allows for complete submersion for underwater evacuations.

Drawn in autocad by me
Alicia Collins and T3-P45
Alicia, Chase's sister, once again, this time in a more teasing pose and wear and new legs, and her droid T3-P45. He is made out of pieces from several different astromech droids and the head of a T3 utility droid, and is capable of both ship repairs and combat by shooting lasers at people. Usually by spinning his head frantically shooting the laser cannon hidden in the top of his head and inside his main eye. A loyal droid helping his owner take a teasing pic >:3
A commission made for me by :iconsheenathehedgehog:
The Upholder
It took me some time to decide what to do and it might still be ugly. Oh well.
Based on the Dreadnaught-Class Star Frigate model done by the amazing FractalSponge, VISIT HIS WEBSITE NOW and this for the specific ship
Anyway, the Upholder is one of the stronger ships of the mobian fleet, whic is composed of 8 similarly sized battlecruiser and a dreadnaught. This is one of the battlecruisers, around 3500 meters long, with massive, Hyper-Turbolaser Cannons that are meant for taking down similarly sized capital ships. Simply through it's armament, as well as standard armor and shielding to the other ships in the fleet, it can hold up against 3 Star Destroyers or two battlecruisers. The golden parts are of a special form of titanium with 5% of gold that can disperse heat easily, allowing for faster firing/firing of more powerful charges and more powerful engines.
The StealthSaber
Joy's Lightsaber, based on a pic of the darksaber. One of the issues of the lightsaber is that it constantly hums and makes light. The stealthsaber made by Chase for Joy is nearly 100% silent, while still retaining its utility.
Lightsabers are (c) Lucasfilm 
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Happy May the 4th everyone!!!!! My Keep Calm Star Wars - Rebel Alliance - poster by Chungkong

(Art by :iconchungkong:… )


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
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Music style: Rock and classical
Skin of choice: Kevlar
Hobby: Shooting practice and thefting
Personal Quotes: "Peace has no value without freedom" and
"Good luck killing me"



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